As well as our three annual main ‘Major’ productions (in November, March and May) we put hold regular club nights on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm. These evenings are designed to be learning experiences for our members. Everyone is welcome - the bar will be open and club nights are a great chance to meet new and old friends!  For our next full play click here.

We are delighted to announce that Thursday Night Club Nights 2021-22 are back!

SEPTEMBER  2nd -  'Cafe Murder' - a murder mystery evening  in the hands of Janet Francis-Jones and Iechyd Da


SEPTEMBER  9th -   'A Bench at the Edge' - a one act play directed by Dewi Clark-Thomas


SEPTEMBER 16TH - 'Credit Where Credit's Due' - an interactive evening about how the NLT programmes have evolved and developed over the years. Presented by Jamie Rees

SEPTEMBER 23rd -  'Iniquity/Camwedd' - Act 1 Sc 1 from the stage play of the life of Dic Penderyn arranged by Amy Southard

SEPTEMBER 30th -  'Let's Get Quizzical' - a fun filled quiz organised by Dewi Clark-Thomas . Includes a variety of subjects to test your brain cells!

OCTOBER 7th -  'Vital Statistics' - a One Act Play rehearsed reading directed by Lianne Miller

OCTOBER 14th - Working Party - please come and join us and lend a hand to prepare the theatre for the coming season. There will be refreshments available and an opportunity for new and current members to familiarise themselves once again with all aspect of the theatre.

OCTOBER 21ST - Open Rehearsal - This Thursday Club night is a club night with a difference. For the first time we invite you to come to theatre to watch a rehearsal for our next Major production. Have you ever wondered about the process of taking the written word from the pages of a script to the spoken performance on the stage?
Then come and see for yourself the work that goes into a rehearsal both on stage and behind the scenes. You’ll be in for a treat. We look forward to seeing you there. Doors open at 7pm.

OCTOBER 28th - Hallowe'en Storytelling EveningGhostly Greetings all. It’s Hallowe’en Thursday Club-night this week. Drop in for a spell, sit back, relax if you dare and enjoy an evening of story telling. Why not also join in the spirit of the evening by dressing up in your best Hallowe’en costume? Looking forward to seeing you.

NOVEMBER 4th - Remembrance Evening - please join us for an evening of readings an poems as we pay tribute to the fallen. Forever in our thoughts.

NOVEMBER 11th -  Working Party - an evening of preparation for our major production which opens on Monday evening November 15th

NOVEMBER18th - Post Major Discussion - come and enjoy an evening of discussion following the week of our major production. The evening will be in the hands of the director, Jamie Rees, and members of the cast. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the work that goes in to the making of a staged play. You can also take a tour of the set. 

DECEMBER 2nd - The Ballad of Augustus Rich, MPa ghostly little 'radio drama' for the festive season. Set in 1834, from an original script by Robert Jelley, this is the story of Augustus Rich, a hard-line MP trying to bring in tough laws to regulate the poor, who receives a ghostly visitation that will make him question the values that he holds dear.

JANUARY 20th - Seeing Red - a one act play directed by Valerie Clark-Thomas