TICKETS: Adults £10
             Children £5
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Monday April 25th 2022  - Saturday, April 30th 2022

The story is set in an isolated former hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands, now home to the unhappily married Henry and Evelyn Roth. Henry Roth, a one-hit wonder playwright still trying to replicate his success with an earlier work some twenty years ago, and his wife Evelyn, await  the arrival of Henry's new ‘muse’ – a charming and charismatic  actor called Jack Willoughby. Jack has made the journey to Scotland to meet with Henry to discuss a role in the playwright’s next production. Or has he?

What starts out as a seemingly innocent meeting between the two men soon leads to an evening full secrets, revelations, truths and lies and eventually leading to  . . . murder! Mixing black comedy and unexpected surprises, 'Death Knell' brings to the stage the classic thriller and will leave audiences guessing and gripped up to the final curtain.

We hope you enjoy your evening at the theatre.